Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light is out today!

We're so please and proud to announce that Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light  is in the AppStore!

Watch a preview of "Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light"

We love the winter holidays and in this appisode we visit all Mild & Mellow's neighbours to see how they're celebrating the season. Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light also has great music, a gingerbread cookie you can "eat" with your finger and series creators Robin & Judith make a guest appearance ... there's also a bonus matching board and a Christmas music soundboard, where you can build your own song (and our sound designer is a dad, so he made it gentle enough for parents, too).

More good news: We're giving away a copy of Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light today — see our advent calendar to find out how, it's easy! 

Windy's Advent Calendar! Opens December 1st

This December we have made you a digital advent calendar!

Behind the doors are all kinds of treats, surprises, and prizes including craft supplies, some beautiful soft yarn and apps ... The calendar is open to everyone, but only Windy subscribers are automatically entered into all our prize draws. 

Come visit: the first door opens December 1st! If you arrive late to the calendar, don't worry, we have plenty of prize draws :)

Merry Christmas!
— Robin & Judith

What's behind these doors? Only one way to find out ... 

said the gramaphone

We love this sweet write up of the Song "Sunny" that Dan Bejar made for our second book, Sunny.

"Destroyer's Dan Bejar sings a song as light as cotton on a clothesline. It's a tribute to Sunny, one of the (almost literally) mop-topped kids in Windy & Friends. A children's song, strum and pluck, wafting. Its lyrics as genius as a caught ball: There is stop and there is go / There is mild versus mellow / Little birds turning yellow / in the sun."

We'll be making some of the music made for our books Sunny and Snowy & Chinook available to our subscribers and Windy club members very soon — stay tuned.