Here are some frequently asked questions about our apps. If you don't see your question here, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

—Robin & Judith

What is an appisode?
Joss, age 76
An appisode is an interactive story from the Windy & friends series. Each story is available in the form of an app for your iphone, ipad or android device. Since we are releasing a series of these stories, so we are calling each story an appisode, since it’s an app + an episode of our series.

The stories are interactive, so you can explore each appisode by touching and swiping you screen. You can also put the appisode on autoplay mode to have the story read to you. Each of our appisodes come with two bonus games that are unique to that episode. Our first appisode is “Windy’s Lost Kite” and the two bonus games are a map of Windy’s world which you can touch to find words and a soundboard that let’s you put together a song.

What happens if I don’t have room on my phone for more apps?
Alison, age 35
This happens to us sometimes, too. Don’t worry. You might need to clear some space on your phone or tablet. However, once you’ve purchased an app you will always own it. Sometimes you might need to delete some apps to make room for new ones. You will be able to find them again in your iTunes account. So when you want them, you can simply download anything back onto your device at no charge. We buy and delete apps regularly whenever we have a long airplane or car trip coming up, for example. It’s just like fitting books and toys in our bags (totes, handbags?), sometimes we have to make more room :)

Why doesn’t my app show up on my device right away? 
Jessica, age 25
Like most apps, it takes a few minutes to download our app. All that amazing stop motion takes up a little space! Maybe try playing Botticelli while you’re waiting: One person thinks of a famous person (or friend or neighbour or dog), and then answers yes/no questions to allow other players to guess their identity. Try being Botticelli. No one ever gets it.

Why is there loading between pages? Shouldn’t it be fully loaded once I’ve loaded it onto my phone?
Gary, age 42
Some of the pages contain a lot of activity, and take a small second to load. This should really only be a second, though :)

I thought you had a lot of apps in your series, but I only see a few available? 
Min, age 40
We are releasing our series beginning in October. We will be releasing a new appisode once a month. All of our appisodes should be available by July 2015. In the meantime, you can find (list of available episodes, linked)

Am I too old for your app? What is the age for this series
Stella, age 12
Our apps are designed with preschoolers and toddlers, but it turns out older kids love the app too. They love the stop motion and thinking about making the sets and dolls themselves, and the interaction on each pages is just silly fun, no matter what age you are!

How do you get the dolls onto the ipad?
Jasper, age 4
First we make the real-life dolls (they’re about 9 inches tall) out of wood, fabric, paint and wire. Then we take a photo of them with a camera. Then the photo gets transferred somehow through magic from the camera to a computer. On the computer we can look at one still photo, or we can put a series of photos together to make it look like the dolls are moving. We are sort of amazed ourselves, Jasper.