Q Hi, Chinook. By the way what is a chinook?

A Ah! Everyone asks me that. It's a warm wind that blows everywhere after winter already started. It confuses everyone. They are thinking, "is it summer already". But no! It is winter. [laughs]


Q Well, Chinook, what is your favourite season? 

A Winter.

Q OK and —

A No, fall.

Q OK, great! So, next question, if you-—

No...spring. Summer....

[Suddenly, Chinook puts her hands on both my shoulders and looks at me very solemnly]

 All seasons are important. My favourite season is...all of them. 


Q If you were stuck...if you were stuck on a desert island. What 5 things would you bring.

A I can count to five. Eight, actually.

1. My sister, Snowy
2. Tulip our buffalo.
3. Lemon, my doll
4. My super long yellow ribbon that I found under the stairs.
5. Popsicles. Probably 100 Popsicles. Even a thousand.

Q  A thousand! what flavour?

A A rainbow of all fruits.  

Q What is Sunday morning like in your house?

A Well, It is morning, right?

So we get up and...and we get up!

Are we done now? Would you like to draw with me? I will do a picture for your story if you want!


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On set

On set

Shooting Appisode 5 at their cabin 

Shooting Appisode 5 at their cabin