The dreamy optimist

Windy lives in a cozy orchard treehouse with her chickens clucking nearby
Windy loves flying her red kite, making crafts with wood and paper
Windy is cheerful, kindhearted and a helpful friend

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DIY Make a kite

PATTERN Knit a Windy scarf

Windy's paper crafts project board 

Windy's nature crafts project board


The enthusiastic scientist

Spring lives in the city with her family
Spring loves being prepared and solving tricky problems with her friends
Spring is outgoing with a sharp eye for details, she’s a scientist at heart

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Spring's math + science project board 

The thoughtful musician

Sunny lives in the city with his guitar
Sunny loves hearing the music in everyday sounds
Sunny is a quiet soul who finds joy in the rhythm and beauty of noise

Jean-Cloud & Foggy
The playful outdoorsman

Jean-Cloud lives in a tent by the seaside with his best friend, Foggy the dog
Jean-Cloud loves sailing adventures and a bowl of his favourite muesli
Jean-Cloud is always-entertaining; a lovable, clumsy friend

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PRINTABLE A printable semaphore guide for sailors

RECIPE Make some muesli

Jean-Cloud's camping board

Foggy's board of great animals


Mild & Mellow
the bookish twins

Mild (boy) & Mellow (girl) live together in the city
Mild & Mellow love storytelling, books and playing with words
Mild & Mellow are always ready to capture the moment with their cameras and journals 


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Snowy & Chinook and their friend Tulip
The crafty cooks

Snowy (big sister) & Chinook (little sister) live in a log cabin in the Winter woods
Snowy & Chinook love their dear friend Tulip the Buffalo, crafting and cooking (especially pancakes.)
Snowy & Chinook are busy exploring their wintry home, with Snowy the capable leader and Chinook the playful little sister. 


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RECIPE Make some pancakes

DIY Make some colourful paper snowflakes

Snowy's sewing project board

Chinook's recipe collection