Not far from Snowy & Chinook’s cabin, I walk carelessly out into the snowy field. I reach the top of a small hill and can look down to a tiny frozen pond where Tulip the buffalo is admiring his skates. I know they are a new birthday present and she looks very happy with them. As I approach I see her wink at me to join her beside the ice rink. She’s a very peaceful, warm and comforting presence. I remember why she’s the girls’ best friend.


Q Hello again, Tulip. So glad to see you and what a beautiful day for a skate. Do you think Winter is your favourite season?

A Hmm. My coat is pretty wooly, so as much as I love wandering in these fields when they are full of flowers in the Spring, I think you’re right, I’m a lot more comfortable in the Winter. I do so love the crunch crunch crunch of snow when you walk in it. I love snow. I love Winter.


Q That makes a lot of sense. And just out of interest, what 5 things do you think you would bring with you to a desert island, if you knew you’d be stuck there for a while?

A An island? How exciting! I’d bring Snowy & Chinook, of course. Oh, I can’t wait. How will we get there? Should I bring my umbrella?


Q Yes, maybe. And my last question for you today, Tulip, is what do you like to do on Sunday morning?

A I usually start with a yummy pancake breakfast with Snowy and Chinook. Chinook sometimes puts on too much syrop, and Snowy doesn’t like it when I flip them into my mouth with the spatula, but her pancakes sure are delicious.


Q Thanks so much Tulip.

A Come back anytime.


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