Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light is out today!

We're so please and proud to announce that Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light  is in the AppStore!

Watch a preview of "Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light"

We love the winter holidays and in this appisode we visit all Mild & Mellow's neighbours to see how they're celebrating the season. Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light also has great music, a gingerbread cookie you can "eat" with your finger and series creators Robin & Judith make a guest appearance ... there's also a bonus matching board and a Christmas music soundboard, where you can build your own song (and our sound designer is a dad, so he made it gentle enough for parents, too).

More good news: We're giving away a copy of Mild & Mellow's Holiday Light today — see our advent calendar to find out how, it's easy!