Easy Honey Cake

Chinook just made a fantastic and easy Honey Cake adapted from this recipe at epicurious.  It's great because the mixing is easy (no butter) and it keeps well for a couple of days so it's great for bake sales and pot-lucks. Chinook's cake was for a potluck picnic and the pan was empty before going home. It will serve about 20-24 people

This is a super-flexible recipe and quite forgiving: great for new and experimenting bakers. See what you can find in your cupboard and make your own version.

It was successfully tested by one of our favourite 6-year-olds, with help from a grown up to put the pan in the oven: 

Her version is Lemon Ginger Honey Cake:

· replaced 1 cup honey with 1/2 cup lemon infused honey + 1/4 cup plain honey + 1/4 cup ginger simple syrup (these are things she had in the cupboard).

· replaced orange juice with lemonade

· replaced whiskey with ginger beer (a strong ginger soda pop popular in the UK and Jamaica, it's available in most grocer's) or ginger tea would also be great. 

· replaced coffee with chai (she used rooibos chai to make it caffeine-free)

· reduced the white sugar by half a cup


Something to watch!

This is our advent gift for December 20, from our online advent calendar.

We've learned so much about stop-motion this year. Please enjoy some of our favourite holiday stop-motion animations! These are international productions, but as they are told wordlessly, anyone may enjoy them! (These are all appropriate for young children, though we cannot guarantee YouTube's ad content.)

The Mitten, 1967

A sweet story about a little girl whose mitten turns into the puppy she's always dreamed of having is stylish and surprising. 

Pat & Matt Decorate their Christmas tree

Pat and Matt run into quite a bit of trouble getting their Christmas tree together, but how they end up decorating their tree is pretty great.

Pingu Christmas Special (from Pingu Official Channel)

It's Pingu! Of course!

Windy's Advent Calendar! Opens December 1st

This December we have made you a digital advent calendar!

Behind the doors are all kinds of treats, surprises, and prizes including craft supplies, some beautiful soft yarn and apps ... The calendar is open to everyone, but only Windy subscribers are automatically entered into all our prize draws. 

Come visit: the first door opens December 1st! If you arrive late to the calendar, don't worry, we have plenty of prize draws :)

Merry Christmas!
— Robin & Judith

What's behind these doors? Only one way to find out ...