Easy Honey Cake

Chinook just made a fantastic and easy Honey Cake adapted from this recipe at epicurious.  It's great because the mixing is easy (no butter) and it keeps well for a couple of days so it's great for bake sales and pot-lucks. Chinook's cake was for a potluck picnic and the pan was empty before going home. It will serve about 20-24 people

This is a super-flexible recipe and quite forgiving: great for new and experimenting bakers. See what you can find in your cupboard and make your own version.

It was successfully tested by one of our favourite 6-year-olds, with help from a grown up to put the pan in the oven: 

Her version is Lemon Ginger Honey Cake:

· replaced 1 cup honey with 1/2 cup lemon infused honey + 1/4 cup plain honey + 1/4 cup ginger simple syrup (these are things she had in the cupboard).

· replaced orange juice with lemonade

· replaced whiskey with ginger beer (a strong ginger soda pop popular in the UK and Jamaica, it's available in most grocer's) or ginger tea would also be great. 

· replaced coffee with chai (she used rooibos chai to make it caffeine-free)

· reduced the white sugar by half a cup